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WHO | D4H (services) Limited

diggers4hire.com is a D4H (services) Ltd Company


We offer comprehensive digger & tipper hire 

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than any other digger hire operator

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We are a proudly British owned and operated company

This year we celebrate 10 years in business.

Our teams are bilingual English - Bulgarian speakers

We employ multi-nationality teams members

Our midi-digger and support vehicles fleet is one of the most modern and up

 to date available in Bulgaria.  We invest, year-on-year, in our fleet resources.

We're super proud of our 5 Star Review Ratings provided by our customers

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The laws and regulations relating to sewage disposal are changing in Bulgaria as the new EU regulations are adopted and implemented throughout the country.

We're launching a new subsidiary company to focus on Septic Tank Systems

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  • diggers4hire.com is owned and operated by D4H (Services) Ltd.

  • Established in 2012, we've spent the last 10 years building and maintaining a solid reputation for fairness, reliability and quality of works. 

  • Our reputation is our greatest asset.  We constantly strive to maintain and improve our industry leading reputation.  We're 5 Star rated by our clients! 

Why are we considered to be Bulgaria's No.1 Choice for Digger Hire?

From our very inception we set out to be different.  To fill a gap in the Bulgarian digger hire service market that left hirers with very few choices, and in some areas with no choices.  Our North Star is 'Service & Reliability' and it guides us everyday.

From our foundations upwards we have built a digger hire service with two core service offerings: Daily Hire and Contract Hire.  What's the difference...?

  • Daily Hire is focussed primarily on private clients who need to hire a digger on a daily hire basis for private and domestic projects.  The simplest description of Daily Hire is where we work under your instruction and to your direction.  Simply, you tell us what works you want completed, be that land clearance, tree stump removal etc, and we complete the works under your instruction and direction on a daily hire basis. It's super easy.

  • ...and more.  For more complex works you can engage us on a 'Full Project' basis where we take care of your project from start to finish.  We provide all machinery, vehicles, labour and supply all materials to complete your works for a fixed cost. You can sit back, relax, and leave everything to us.  It's much easier.

  • Reducing daily Hire Tariff. We also wanted Daily Hire clients to benefit from some of the features and benefits enjoyed by our Contract Hire clients. 

    We formulated a Daily Hire tariff that reduces with each day of hire.  Simply, as with our Contract Hire clients, the longer you hire us the less you pay per day.  

    For example, if you hire us for one day the hire charge is 400.00лв + VAT.  This hire charge reduces each subsequent day of hire until the daily hire charge reduces to just 350.00лв per day from day three onwards.  Our daily hire charge is a one-all-in charge that includes everything; delivery, operator, fuel & fluids and collection.

Contract Hire.  We provide diggers, tipper vehicles and plant & machinery to commercial clients on long-term contract hire.   Find out more here

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More than just Digger Hire.  Much More

Our growing fleet includes tipper trucks, skid steers and more 

We hire tipper trucks too - DAF LF45 3-Way Tipper Vehicles

We operate a fleet of specialist 7.5 tonne tipper vehicles with onboard power generators, air compressors, tower lighting and carry other specialised equipment and tools to ensure our operators have everything they need to work in remote and rural areas where power and lighting may not be available.  Highway spec vehicles.

  • Each of our tipper vehicles is fitted with either a 1.5 tonne tail-lift, 750kg crane or 500kg winches to make materials handling on-site quick and easy.  

Hydraulic Attachments

We have invested in the very best specialist digger hydraulic and mechanical attachments to increase our fleet capabilities.

  • Concrete Breakers
  • Bucket Thumbs & Grapples
  • Tree Stump Grinders
  • ...and more

More than just digging.  Much more...

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