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SEPTIC TANK SYSTEMS | We're Bulgaria's No.1 Choice for Household Sewage Solutions


  1. All waste water and sewage runs out of your house from one main drainage pipe into a septic tank.

  • The septic tank is a buried, water-tight container usually made from fibreglass or polyethylene materials. Its job is to hold the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle down to the bottom forming sludge, while the oil and grease floats to the top as a scum layer.

  • Single, double or triple compartments* and an outlet baffle prevent the sludge and scum from leaving the tank and traveling into the drain-field area.

  1. The liquid wastewater (effluent) then exits the tank into the drain-field into buried perforated pipe(s).

  • The drain-field is a shallow, covered, excavation made in unsaturated soil. Processed wastewater is discharged through perforated piping onto porous ground that allow wastewater to filter though the soil. The soil accepts, treats, and disperses wastewater as it percolates through the soil, ultimately discharging to groundwater.

  1. Finally, the wastewater percolates into the soil, naturally removing harmful coliform bacteria, viruses and nutrients.

* Each septic tank installation is unique to your specific tank location and ground conditions etc.  Installations may be adapted to overcome any specific installation obstacles and no two installations are rarely the same.  We may use a different tank type, fitting kit or other components to adapt the installation to your specific location, site or ground conditions.


The videos opposite explain How A Septic Tank Works and show a full installation process from start to finish.

Grab yourself a coffee and watch these videos to gain a full understanding of how your new septic tank system will work and how we will install your new septic tank system.

Got Questions? Call us free on 0800 4 00 22 and we'll be happy to discuss your individual needs and answer all your questions.  (Calls are free from a BG telephone)

How much will a Septic Tank cost?

Click 'Get A Quote' and provide us with some basic information about your household and we'll provide a quote for an appropriate system 

VIDEO: Watch this video for a quick rundown on the workings of a standard septic tank system

VIDEO: Watch this video to see the full Septic Tank System installation process from start to finish*

*this example is a non-standard installation and demonstrates our ability to overcome installation obstacles.

SELECT a Septic Tank System best suited to your individual needs.  Choose from Budget, Better or Best.

We offer you the choice of three septic tank system options from Budget to Better to Best.  They all perform the essential elements of processing waste water and sewage from your household but with varying additional levels of performance.  All prices include VAT and full installation and system testing / commissioning.   

HOW IT WORKS It's super easy to order


1. SELECT the system appropriate to your individual household needs and budget.

  • See the video below for details of how we calculate the system size for you

2. ORDER your system here  or you can call us free on 0800 4 00 22  

  • We'll confirm your order and 'reserve' your installation date for within 10 days

3. PAY DEPOSIT via bank transfer in either Bulgarian Leva, Euro or GBP Sterling

  • When we receive your deposit payment we'll 'confirm' your installation date

4. SYSTEM INSTALLATION we'll arrive on the scheduled installation date to install 

  • Our installation team will arrive at your address at 08:00 on the install date.

5. PAY BALANCE The balance of payment is due on completion of your install 

  • Please pay by a further bank transfer.  We do not accept cash payments.



Talk to us about our Interest Free Payment Plan options to pay for your new Septic Tank System over 12 equal monthly payments. Interest Free.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing.

Spread the cost over 12 months

  • Pay a 50% deposit at the time of order
  • Pay 12 Interest Free equal monthly payments
  • Pay 0% interest - Interest Free


Subject to status and notarised contract.  

Terms & Conditions apply.  Funding provided via a contract loan from D4H (Services) Ltd. 

Example:  CE Certified Septic Tank.  For guidance only.  Actual tank may differ in design, shape, capacity & chamber numbers


1. When we arrive on-site

Our operator will survey your site, while at the same time completing a visual Area Risk Assessment, and discuss the location of your septic tank and leach field with you.  Of course, they'll be happy to answer all your questions.

If you have not selected at the time of order the optional additional accessories, which we recommend, to improve the overall performance and ease of maintenance of your septic tank system, our operator will give you a further opportunity to do so and will discuss the features and benefits with you along with the additional minimal cost. We highly recommend installing all the optional additional accessories.

Our operator will ask you the following questions as part of their on-site potential risks assessment relating to the operation of machinery and location of the tank. They will identify any risks identified during their Risk Assessment.

  • Are you aware of the location of your existing waste pipe from your property to the location of your current waste water and sewage set-up?

- Ideally, this is where we will connect the new septic tank to feed waste water and sewage from your peoperty to the new septic tank system. 
- Ordinarily, the tank should be sited within 3 metres of the property and the leach field located a minimum of 3 metres away from any boundary and in a location where the resulting run-off cannot leach into a stream, river, lake or pond.
- The leach field must be in an area where it will not be driven over, parked on or any location where long-rooted vegetation is present.  After installation you can only plant short-rooted plants.  Do not plant vegetation for human consumption above or within 3 metres of a leach field location.
- Please do not use your toilet(s) or flush any toilet(s) until our operator advises you it is now safe to do so when they have completed the connection of your waste pipe to the new septic tank. Ordinarily, this prohibition of toilet use is for one hour maximum.
- Various regulations exist relating to the location, route and flow of waste water and sewage pipes from your property to the septic tank and drain-field.  Our operator will discuss any issues with you prior to starting the installation of your Septic Tank to ensure your system is compliant with all regulations.

  • Are you aware of any water supply pipes leading into or away from your property and/or any other buried service supply pipes and/or cables (gas, electric etc)?  Please identify your water meter location to our operator.

- D4H (Services) Ltd assume no responsibility for any damage sustained to any buried supply services (water, gas, electric etc) that are not adequately identified from a site plan. All identified below ground supply service pipes and/or cables will be spray marked by our operator for ease of identification during excavation(s). 

2. Excavating the area for Tank installation
Our operator will excavate the area for the location of your new septic tank, working to either the set specification of the tank depth or to a depth required to connect to your existing waste pipe.  If the tank is to be buried deeper than standard specification there may be an additional charge, based on a per metre cost, for any extra pipe(s) used in the installation.

- You must remain at least 10 metres away from all operating machinery during the excavation process and away from any open pits and/or excavated trenches.
- Our operator will advise you of other Safety Precautions while they are operating machinery and identify open excavations to you.  Please ensure children and pets, and any livestock, are prohibited from all areas where our operators and machinery are working and open excavation are present.

3. Installing the septic tank and leach field
Our operator will install the system to standard specifications, or may adapt the installation to take into account specific requirements peculiar to your site

- Any adaptions, or changes, to the installation beyond a standard installation will be discussed with your prior to any adaptions and/or changes being made.  If any additional costs are involved we will obtain your agreement prior to continuing works.

- We allow 1 x 8 hour day to install a complete septic tank system and in the vast majority of installations this is an adequate time scale to complete a standard install. if we encounter any issues; pipes, cables, ground water, rock or stone or any other complications which require additional time, and/or resources or equipment, to complete the installation additional costs may be incurred to cover time, machinery operation and the use of additional supplies (pipes etc).  We always endeavour to limit any additional charges and will advise you of any/all costs before proceeding. 

4. Testing and commissioning the system
On completion of the first stage of installation, and before back-filling the excavations of the tank location and leach field, our operator will check the flow of waste water and sewage from your property to the septic tank.  Once it is ascertained the system is performing as intended we will complete the installation by back-filling the excavations and levelling out the disturbed ground.

AFTER CARE ...because Customer Service Matters

While we describe our Septic Tank Systems as 'Fit & Forget' we do not forget about you and we remain available to you, via phone or email, to answer any queries or concerns you may have about the performance and maintenance of your Septic Tank System.  If required we will schedule a Service Call* to inspect your system to ensure it is operating and performing as intended.  *A charge may apply for service

MAINTAINING YOUR SEPTIC TANK  Look after it and it will look after you

Proper care, maintenance and regularly emptying your septic tank is essential for it's long-term performance.  See our Guide To Septic Tank Maintenance here

Want to discuss your individual Sewage Solution?

Simply call us free on 0800 4 00 22 and we'll be happy to discuss your individual requirements and specific needs.  We'll present you with a bespoke solution based on your household size, septic tank location and siting of the leach field.

In most instances we can save you the cost of a site inspection by working with photo images of your preferred installation location and details of your property.  

Call us today and your new Septic Tank System could be installed next week!

How much does a Septic Tank System Installation cost?

It’s a common question…

…and it’s not an easy question to answer. It depends on a number of variables specific to each property/project and customer needs.  One size does not fit all.

The variables can include: The size of the property.  The type & size of septic tank.  The location and type of leach field, the ground conditions at your property etc etc.

Here is an example to give you an idea of cost.  This example is based on:

  • 2/4 bedroom property - 2 to 4 person household
  • Budget septic tank system - excluding optional accessories
  • Basic leach field design/lay-out
  • Supplied & Fitted within 10 days of order

Septic Tank Systems from just 3,995.00лв including VAT

We recommend a minimum tank size suitable for a 4+ person household as a standard installation size.  An adequate Septic Tank System also needs to work to optimum capacity when you have guests.  A larger tank can also benefit your property value by future proofing the system for any new owner of your property with a larger household of residents/system users

More Information Things to consider

A septic tank, or sewage treatment plant, is installed for any property where there is no access to a main sewer system. The septic system is a critical part of your waste water and sewage infrastructure, it is essential that it is built & installed correctly to ensure trouble free long-term use and operation.

1. Septic System Design

With any project, it is always important to have a basic design to work from. This means when we start work on site we have a clear plan of action. A septic system comprises two main elements. The tank and the percolation area or discharge area.

2. Choosing the right sized septic tank system

Choosing the right septic tank or sewage treatment plant is a crucial step in the process. Talk to us and we'll calculate the most optimum tank size for your specific household needs.  Septic tanks can be single, double or triple compartment tanks.

3. Installation

When installing your septic tank system our operators will be aware of all current laws, regulations and waste water & sewage disposal legislation.  You are absolutely guaranteed your installation will meet, and in most cases exceed, all regulations and comply with EU legislation.  All our systems are EU compliant.

4. Ventilation

Good ventilation is often something that is overlooked when installing a septic tank, or sewage treatment plant. Bad ventilation can lead to odour issues onsite or in your property. It is very important that either the ends of percolation trenches are vented, or there is a vent on the wastewater treatment plant or that there is a soil vent stack at the house.  Our installation team will discuss the best option for your installation.

5. Maintenance & Operational Access

When installing your sewage treatment plant, consideration should be given to future maintenance. Any lids on the tank should not be covered over with soil. Access will be needed in the future for septic tank emptying and for inspection and checks that the system is operating properly. 
The tank should be within 30m of a roadway, as septic tank emptying trucks generally only have 30m long hoses for emptying tanks. If a tank is over 30m from a driveway your septic tank emptying costs may increase.

We meet and exceed all current regulations

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE All our septic systems are Guaranteed for 25 Years

and meet, and in most cases exceed, all EU Waste Water and Sewage Treatment regulations.  Of course, all our septic tank systems are compliant with RoHS (Removal of Hazardous Substances) at every point in the manufacturing process.

We take care of everything  No sub-contractors used

We do not sub-contract any aspect of your septic tank system installation to any sub-contractors or rely on any third-party deliveries.  Our own installation teams, vehicles and machinery, all directly employed by us or owned and operated by D4H (Services) Ltd* complete your installation.  * including our own subsidiaries.

  • All our operators, vehicles and machinery are fully insured and we are covered by a substantial Public Liability Insurance policy while working and operating at your property to install your new septic tank system.


Using historical data and reasonably accurate sales forecast we determined the number of septic tank systems we are likely to install throughout 2022.  We've  made a considerable investment in purchasing adequate units for stockholding, of all cubic volume sizes, to ensure we can protect our clients from double digit percentage price increases as the costs of raw materials, manufacturing, energy and transportation continue to rise and future price increases remain uncertain.  We've hedged our stock for future supply issues.  

Order before 2023 for 'No Price Increase Guarantee'


Calculate the size of Septic Tank you need

The most important calculation you need to know is the size of septic tank you need specific to your expected household water usage.

  •  This video example is based on a 2 bedroom property
  • 4/5 person usage of the system
  • Average water usage per person, per day

Talk to us about your Septic Tank project

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We reserve the right to refuse to install any system which may expose us and/or our operators and machinery to any danger or render us liable to any legal implications.  In any such situation we will suggest alternative locations.  In the unlikely and worse case scenario where the system cannot be installed safety, legally or within applicable regulations we will return your deposit, minus our direct costs (time, travel, staff and machinery costs etc). Any refund will be processed within 3 days of the septic tank and any/all accessories being returned to our stock. All installations fitted subject to our terms and conditions of business and terms of hire.