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How much is Tree Stump removal?

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We are specialist in tree stump and root removal and have invested in bespoke manufactured digger attachments, ripper hooks and hydraulic bucket thumbs, to expertly deal with tree stumps and root systems.  We make it look easy!

Our ripper hooks, see below, are manufactured by Masterhitch from high tensile steel and designed to rip out tree stumps and roots with minimal ground disturbance and reduce infill times.  When we save time, you save money.

Hydraulic bucket thumbs are fitted to all our fleet diggers and by manufactured by RSL Engineering, allow our operators to lift, move and load tree stumps, roots, trunks, branches and brush with time and money-saving ease.  

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We are Licensed Waste Carriers and can legally dispose of tree stumps and roots in accordance 

with all current EU Waste Disposal Regulations.  For more information see Waste Disposal