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Mini-Digger Hire



We are fully insured specialist in 'Close Building Proximity' tree cutting and removal.  We can also dig up and remove tree stumps and root systems.

All our teams are equipped with Husqvarna & Stihl chainsaws and safety equipment for their protection

We can either remove all waste from site or cut it into log burner sizes for you to use for firewood.

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Have you considered waste disposal?

Built to withstand the daily grind, Vermeer brush chippers are engineered with exclusive features that promote easy operation, high efficiency and operator safety. 

  • These brush chippers are for arborists, contractors and tree care crews looking to capitalise the process of clearing wood debris and logs or limbs with small to medium diameters.

  • The SmartFeed feed-sensing control enhances productivity by optimising efficient hardwood processing. 

  • The Ecoldle™ engine control system is adjustable, saves fuel and reduces noise by automatically reducing engine speed after one or five minutes of inactivity.

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VIDEO: This video shows tree cutting in very close proximity to residential buildings and the additional hazard of overhead power supply lines.  All our team members are extensively 'risk awareness' trained.

The dangers of trees located too close to a property, building or structure

  • Trees that are too close to buildings may be fire hazards. Soffit vents provide easy access for flames to enter a house.
  • Leaves and broken branches can clog gutters, potentially causing ice dams or water penetration into the building.
  • Old, damaged or otherwise weak trees may fall and endanger lives and property. Large, weak branches, too, are a hazard, especially if weighed down by ice. 

  • Tree roots can potentially penetrate underground drainage pipes, especially when they leak. Water that leaks from a drainage or sanitary pipe can encourage root growth in the direction of the leak, where the roots may eventually enter the pipe and obstruct its flow.
  • Trees may be used by insects and rodents to gain access to the building. 
  • Falling trees and branches can topple power lines and communication lines.

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