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RAINWATER STORAGE SYSTEMS   Above Ground | Below Ground

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The mains water supply infrastructure in Bulgaria is best described as 'intermittent' and the supply can be unreliable.  Sometimes for days at a time.

Have you considered Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater from your guttering system and directing it to a storage tank for use within your household or garden.  It's a simple solution to a difficult problem.


We always maintain a stock of 20+ tanks ready for installation within 7 days of your order. Guaranteed.

What does it cost? 

We design, and install, each system specific to your individual needs and the conditions of your property. 

We take into account where the tank will be located, whether you need and above or below ground tank, and the number of gutter downpipes that will be routed to the tank. In addition, we consider what you will use the stored water for - will it be routed to your household supply or used for garden irrigation?