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HOW IT WORKS  It's easy.

Not sure what you need or how long to hire?

Just give us a call, tell us about your project plans, and we'll tell you what you need and how long we estimate you need to hire us for.  We're always happy to help.  Talk to us about your next project..

2 Hire Options - What's the difference?

You pay a reducing per day hire charge and we complete your works/project at your instruction and direction.  This option is perfect for works like tree stump removal, ground levelling etc.

You pay a fixed price for us to complete your project from start to finish.  With this option we  provide all the  machinery & labour and supply all materials for the project.  e.g. Septic Tank Systems

What will it cost? Click below for Hire Charges

UPDATE: Our daily hire was updated 15/04/22 to include a 6.25% fuel-surcharge to cover some of the 22% increase in fuel costs.  This is a temporary measure and will be removed when fuel prices reduce to our base calculation price levels.

Ask the right questions.  

Make the right choice

  • Qualified & Competent Operators

Are your chosen contractors operators qualified and competent to operate the machinery you are hiring?  Operators of plant & machinery on all commercial works site should be Bulgarian Construction Agency Certified and hold the relevant machinery license. Most insurers insist on this to validate cover.

  • Public Liability Insurance

Are your chosen contractors fully insured to the minimum required liability coverage?

A minimum cover of €5million is legally required to cover all risks to you, your property and other risks while working at your works site. We're Covered!

  • Invoicing and VAT registration

Are your chosen contractors providing you with an invoice and VAT registration details? All invoices must meet current NRA regulations and be issued for all payments you make.  

  • Contracted & Insured Employees

Are your chosen contractors employees legally employed and insured?  All person(s) operating diggers at your works site must be legally employed by a registered company and fully insured by the company.  


See: Frequently Asked Questions

TELL US  What | Where | When 

Tell us what you need

What do you want to hire?

Tell us about your project

What can we dig for you?

Tell us where you are

Where are you located?

Talk to us about your next project  We'll even pay for the call

Want to discuss your project and what equipment you need?  Call Us Free 0800 4 00 22 (Monday-Friday)

Or e-mail us at hire@diggers4hire.com | Message us on Facebook Messenger: @diggers4hire

Booking & Payment Process in 4 Easy Steps 

1. Book Hire  2. Pay Deposit  3. Hire Completed  4. Pay Balance

1. Tell us what you need.  When you need it.  Where you need it.  How long you need it for. 
2. We'll calculate your hire charges and send you a pro-forma invoice equal to 50% of your expected hire charges* via email.  We'll also attach our Terms of Business - you can view them here too.

  • Payment of the issued pro-forma invoice is due within three (3) days.  We can only 'reserve' your booking for a maximum three (3) days.  When payment is received your booking will be amended to 'confirmed' and the hire date(s) guaranteed.  

  • You can pay this pro-forma deposit in either Bulgarian Leva, Euro, British Pound Sterling or Russian Ruble, whichever currency is easiest for you.  Don't worry, we'll calculate the exchange rate** and let you know the Bulgarian Leva equivalent. Deposit payment exchange rates are the rate applicable*** at the time of booking hire.

3. We'll arrive, on the date booked, with the machinery and equipment hired to complete your works

4. 50% remaining balance becomes payable immediately on completion of your hire period.  Pay by  bank transfer.  You can pay this balance via a cash payment direct to our operator by prior arrangement only. We do not provide credit terms for daily hire bookings.  For foreign currency payments (Pound Sterling, Euro or Russian Ruble, final payment exchange rates are the rate applicable on the date of balance payment***

  • If required, we can quote for your works in either Euro, Sterling or Russian Ruble and collect payment in either currency and save you any additional exchange rate fees.  Let us know at the time of booking if you want this option, All foreign currency payments are processed by Moneycorp (Ireland) Ltd & Moneycorp (Germany) GMBH, depending on the currency.  Currently, we cannot accept payment in Russian Ruble.

  • Payments in Russian Ruble, Pound Sterling and Euro can be made by direct bank transfer to our foreign exchange holding accounts.  Contact us for the relevant IBAN & BIC codes. 

*Deposit payment is non-refundable.  Bookings can be rescheduled at no extra cost. ** additional fees may be payable. *** We use the Unicredit Foreign Exchange Daily Rate for all exchange calculations.

We bank with Unicredit Bulbank in Sofia, Bulgaria.

COVID-19 DEPOSIT GUARANTEE: In the event you have a deposit paid hire booking and travel restrictions* prevent you travelling to Bulgaria at the time of your booking, or a national, regional or local, lockdown in Bulgaria prevents us travelling within Bulgaria to your location at the time of your booking - we will reschedule your booking or refund your deposit in full. We understand the difficulties of the current situation and will work with you. 

*Relates to travel restriction(s) imposed by UK/BG/EU Government Health Authorities or incoming/outgoing suspension of flights between UK/EU countries and BG airports..

EXTRA EQUIPMENT   What extra equipment do you need?

Hydraulic Attachments

We offer a range of attachments

Specialist Equipment

The right tools for the job

Tipper Trucks

Do you need a tipper truck too?

More than just digger hire.  Much more.

We offer a range of hydraulic attachments and specialist equipment to compliment your hire booking.

Just tell us about your project and we'll suggest the best extra equipment suitable for your application.

Additional per day hire charges may apply for extra equipment.  We'll let you know any additional costs.