D4H (Services) Ltd 
are Strategic Partners with

Mini-Digger Hire


DAILY HIRE FLEET  Diggers | Tippers | Skid-Steers | Support Vehicles available for daily hire throughout Bulgaria

We operate a 100% Komatsu fleet

Komatsu PC26 MR3's & PC55 MR3's


A specialist fleet of 7.5 tonne 3-way tipper vehicles


For maximum on-site flexibility 

CONTRACT HIRE FLEET  A dedicated Commercial Services Fleet | Mobile Fleet Support 

Contract Hire Diggers

Komatsu PC55 MR3 Contract Hire Machines

Contract Hire Tipper Vehicles

Our vehicles is your company  branding

24/7 Mobile Fleet Support

In-House mobile fleet support workshop

CAN WE ACCESS YOUR WORKS SITE? Check which machinery is best suited to your works site and works tasks.  Got restricted access issues?  No problem!

Not sure what you need to complete your project works?

Talk to us about your project and we'll guide you through our fleet resources, their uses, capabilities and all the features and benefits of each.  We can also suggest various hydraulic attachments, specialist buckets and additional equipment that will save time and money if used to complete your project.  Call us free on 0800 4 00 22.

To better understand your specific requirements we may ask for photographic images of your works site.  We will use these to best determine the most appropriate solution for your planned works and ensure the right equipment is deployed for your project. 

We operate a fleet of specialist 7.5 tonne DAF LF45 3-way tipper vehicles 

With onboard power generators, air compressors, tower lighting and carry other specialised equipment and tools to ensure our operators have everything they need to work in remote and rural areas where power and lighting may not be available.  

  • Each of our tipper vehicles is fitted with either a 1.5 tonne tail-lift, 750kg crane or 500kg winches to make materials handling on-site quick and easy.  

  • All vehicles are equipped with onboard satellite vehicle tracking technology, vehicle reversing warning systems and onboard CCTV camera systems.

  • We also operate smaller (3.5 tonne) tipper vehicles to ensure we have a tipper suitable for a variety of tasks, requirements and situations.

  • Talk to us about Co-Branded Tipper Contract Hire.  Call 0800 4 00 22


  • Our fleet of flexibly equipped 3.0t and 5.0t diggers ensures we have a digger to suit all variations of groundworks applications.  From land levelling & grading, water pipe trench digging and tree root removal to footings & foundations, septic tank installations and building demolition, and more.  Much more.  

  • Currently, our daily hire fleet consists of Komatsu PC26 MR-3 full-glazed cab (all-weather) 3.0T diggers for daily hire operations and PC55 MR-3 5.0T diggers for contract hire clients.  Our fleet is one of the most modern and up-to-date daily hire fleets currently available for hire in Bulgaria and all less than 3 years old.
  • All our midi-diggers are fitted with advanced telematics systems which constantly remotely monitor machine and operator performance.  We always know where our machines are and what they're doing with minute-by-minute reporting via advanced telematics wireless technologies. 

  • CONTRACT HIRE: Most of our digger and support vehicle fleet is co-branded with our contract hire clients company branding prominently sharing vehicle real estate with our own branding.  Talk to us about Contract Hire.

Attachments & Accessories

We invest in the best attachments

  • A wide selection of digging buckets in a variety of sizes for all digging applications.  Buckets available from 6" pipe buckets to 72" dredging buckets.

  • For demolition works we can deploy 3.0T or 5.0T impact breakers.

  • All midi-diggers within our fleet are fitted with Thumb Grabs as standard equipment for ease of waste and/or materials handling on works sites.

Please discuss your requirements with us so we can ensure 
the right attachment is deployed for your specific application.  

  • Additional daily hire charges may apply for hydraulic attachments.

Click here for details of the accessories, attachments and additional 

equipment available to add to your hire booking.

We always know where our fleet assets are & how they're operating with minute by minute data updates

  • Our entire fleet, midi-diggers and tipper vehicles, are fitted with the latest in data & communications technologies.  Via in-cab iPad data terminals we can track & monitor each asset for location and working performance. We always know here they are and what they're doing!

  • In addition to data monitoring we can communicate directly with each driver or operator via text messaging, voice and video calling.  

  • We have the capability to advise each operator of local weather conditions specific to their operating location.  This allows them to altar their digging plan to allow for incoming adverse weather conditions.

  • Our advanced communication capabilities also allows each operator to communicate with any other operator.  In a situation where an operator may need help or advice s/he can easily seek advice from other team members.

  • Our in-house maintenance manager can also monitor each machine and will receive warnings relating to reduced performance or mechanical issues.

  • In the event of an on-site breakdown 94% of issues are repaired on-site.

We're proud to operate a 100% Komatsu fleet

We can remotely monitor every aspect of our machinery operations

and operator/driver performance via advanced in-cab telematics.

What is KOMTRAX?

KOMTRAX provides us with real-time fleet information that saves us time and maximises our fleet & operator productivity through regular daily reporting. 

  • KOMTRAX is a state of the art satellite monitoring system helping us to work more effectively. It delivers insightful and cost saving information about our fleet and operators and offers a wealth of information to facilitate peak machine performance. 
  • A variety of search parameters are available to precisely determine the status of our machinery. We can track them in the field and optimise their output through increased efficiency and pro-active maintenance. KOMTRAX is awesome!
  • KOMTRAX is a tool that helps us manage our whole fleet of machines easily and cost effectively wherever they are and whatever they are doing, minute-by-minute.
  • KOMTRAX lowers our direct operating costs so we can maintain our hire charges at a cost effective level. 


Our digger and vehicles fleet is one of the most modern and up-to-date operating within the Bulgarian plant hire industry.  

  • All fleet machines and vehicles benefit from regular preventative and routine maintenance to keep them safe, legal and operational.

  • In accordance with current EU Vehicle Operators all road vehicles are subjected to 6-weekly Vehicle Safety Checks to ensure they are always in a safe, legal and operational condition of readiness.

  • Before leaving our depot facilities all drivers undertake a full vehicle check and complete a Daily Vehicle Check record and report any defects immediately.