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Mini-Digger Hire


More than just digger hire

...much more!

'We continually invest in the best equipment and hydraulic attachments to constantly improve our operational capabilities and reduce the time taken to complete tasks on-site' 

Lisa Snow - Director

To support our digging operations, we also offer an extensive range of 'add-on' hydraulic attachments to increase the capabilities of our digger fleet.

From hydraulic bucket 'thumbs' to lift, move and load items on-site with ease, to 'concrete breakers' for breaking up concrete and demolition works 

FURUKAWA Concrete Breakers

Widely acknowledged to the be 'the worlds quietest' breakers, Furukawa breakers produce just 76db of noise levels during operation.  We can work in built-up areas and produce very little environmental noise impact!  Your neighbours will appreciate it!

A variety of breaker chisels ensures we have the right attachments for the task in hand.  From breaking up reinforced concrete pads, foundations and pathways to roads, walls and rocks, we have the right attachment for the materials to be broken up, quietly.  


In addition to hydraulic breakers each of our support vehicles are fitted with on-board air compressors to provide compressed air to Atlas Copco breaker hammers.  With a 40m extending-pipe we can reach all parts of your site and reach any site areas our diggers may not be able to access.


Bespoke fabricated to our own design, hydraulic RSL bucket thumbs enable our operators to grab, lift and load items that cannot be lifted by the digger bucket.  They allow us to increase the versatility and capabilities of our diggers and save time, effort and reduce heavy lifting risks on-site. 

MASTERHITCH Quick Release Systems

With 'Masterhitch', 'the worlds safest quick hitch system', we can change buckets in less than 10 seconds and massively improve our productivity. 

Each of diggers is also fitted with 'Masterhitch' quick release systems to change buckets and attachments within seconds.  Typically, to change 'conventional' buckets and attachments, it can be a two-man job and take up to 20 minutes to change buckets and attachments.  We do it in less than 10 seconds!  We save our time and your money!

HIAB & Jenny Cranes

All our fleet tipper vehicles are fitted with winch cranes, from 500kg to 1,500kg lifting capacities, to make materials handling on-site easier.

Simply, we can load and unload materials and supplies with minimal man-power, saving time and money, on and around your works site.  

We can also save time when loading materials and supplies at builders merchants because we can load ourselves and not wait for forklifts during busy periods.  All cranes are equipped with various sized & load rated slings to secure all items being lifted.

Additional Equipment

All our support vehicles are fitted with on-board power generators, to provide power at sites where electricity is not available.

They are also fitted with 'high rise' tower lighting to provide 'daylight' when we're working in reducing light or darkness.


What happens if we have a breakdown on your works-site? It's very rare, but can happen!

Firstly, our operator will attempt to repair the digger, using a variety of spare parts carried, from hydraulic pipes to replacement parts.  

If our operator cannot repair the fault they will call-out our mobile fleet support crew, who successfully complete 85% of all repairs on-site, to diagnose and repair the fault.

In the unlikely event our mobile support crew cannot repair the digger on-site, we will immediately despatch a replacement digger to continue your works and minimise delays.

Talk to us about you next project!

On-Call 24 / 7 Mobile Fleet Support 

On-Site Breakdown? No Problem.


For tree stump and root removal works we use Ripper Hooks attached to our diggers.  This makes tree stump and root removal easier and less time consuming.  Saving us time and you money.

Advanced In-Cab Communications

Our digger fleet is fitted with advanced in-cab data and communications, via iPad terminals, linking them wirelessly to our office for machinery data monitoring and operator communications

The Right Tracks for the right ground surface

  • RUBBER TRACKS - General Use
  • STEEL TRACKS - Demolition Sites
  • ROADLINER PADS - Soft Ground Conditions

HIRE EQUIPMENT  Add extras to your digger hire booking

Concrete Breakers

Available from 150.00лв per day

Selection of Buckets

Included in Hire Charges

Hydraulic Thumbs

Fitted as standard to all diggers

We invest in the best safety equipment  because Safety Matters 

We work is some very 'space restricted' environments where 'safety' is uppermost in our ability to perform our works.  A number of our fleet diggers are fitted with the Prolec Safety System.  The Prolec System allows our operators to set safe working parameters which the machine cannot operate outside.

This safety system is deployed in roadside and railside working environments which allows usual movements of traffic and rail carriages while we complete assigned works.  ...because Safety Matters.

Underground cables and services are notoriously difficult to identify in many working environments.

To ensure operator and site safety we have fitted the EziDig Safety System to a number of our fleet diggers to assist in identifying and warning our operators of the presence of buried cables and pipes.