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Mini-Digger Hire


HIRE CHARGES Clear and transparent daily hire tariff | Value for Money Daily Hire Charges 

Daily Digger Hire from 225.00лв

Pay 'one-all-in' daily hire charge 

Digger + Tipper Hire from 400.00лв

Combination Hire of Digger & Tipper in one booking

Hydraulic Attachments from 150.00лв

We can supply a range of hydraulic attachments


Our daily hire tariff is designed to be transparent, easy to calculate your expected hire charges and offer you value for money when you hire a digger from us.

  • Our unique 'Sliding Scale' Daily Hire tariff also gives our non-commercial customers the same 'Time v Cost' savings enjoyed by our contract and commercial clients.

  • Put simply, the longer you hire us the less you pay per day for digger hire just like our long-term contract clients.

Remember: our Daily Hire Charge includes everything, including an operator to drive the digger.  The only additional cost is 20% VAT added to each hire charge.

We always issue full VAT invoices.

HIRE CHARGES  Pay one-all-in daily hire charge | Reduces with each day of hire

Bulgaria will adopt the EURO as it's primary currency from January 2024

Not sure how long you need to hire a digger for?

  • Call us to discuss your project.  Tell us what you need and we'll estimate the likely hire period you need to complete the works described.   

  • We may ask for specific details of your project including; trench lengths, trench depths or the cubic measurements of areas to be cleared and/or levelled etc.

  • Photographic images, or short videos, of your works site and any rubble, rubbish or building debris to be disposed of are also helpful to assist us in estimating what you need and how long you need to hire us to complete your works.

  • You can send us photo images, videos or any other details via email or Facebook Messenger.  E-mail: hire@diggers4hire.com | FB Messenger: @diggers4hire

Seven years of stable pricing - No price increase for 2021
We invest annually in new machinery to lower our operating costs and keep our hire charges stable.  Our daily hire tariff has not increased for 2021 hire dates. 

Our daily hire tariff has not increased since 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021.  While our operating costs have risen over the years we have absorbed these increases through tight cost controls, operating efficiencies and investing in new machinery and vehicles with better fuel consumption and lower operating costs.  We're super proud to have maintained seven years of stable daily hire tariff prices for our clients!  Price is what you pay - Value is what you get.  

  • We understand the need to control costs on building projects and designed our daily hire tariff to make budgeting for midi-digger hire much easier and more predictable with our sliding scale daily hire rates. Our prices have No Hidden Extras - you pay an 'All-in-One' daily hire charges that includes everything.  What you see is what you pay!  (Of course, VAT is payable in addition to all published and advertised hire charges) 

The longer you hire us the less you pay per day

  • Our unique daily hire tariff allows private clients to benefit from the same mechanism our contract clients enjoy where the daily hire charge reduces every day.  

  • Simply, the longer you hire us the lower the daily hire charge.  Over the course of a 5 day hire you can save 500.00лв and more for a 7 day + hire period where your daily saving is 150.00лв per day.   No other digger hire operator in Bulgaria offers a sliding scale value-for-money hire tariff. 

  • Typically, other digger hire services daily hire charges are between 350.00лв / 400.00лв per day, every day.  Our Daily Hire Tariff reduces to only 225.00лв per day.  All our tariff charges include full public liability insurance cover.

  • All daily hire charges are subject to VAT at the rate prevailing at the time of delivery of service.  Currently the VAT rate is 20%.  You will be issued with a VAT invoice as required by current NRA regulations.  We don't do deals for cash.

What is included?

Pay one all-in daily hire charge

All daily hire charges include an experienced operator (& banksman*) 

fuel & fluids, equipment  insurance, public liability insurance and 

transportation to and from your works site. (* when required)

    We are insured for €10million public liability insurance cover

    (You'll be pleased to hear we've never made a claim!)

    When we arrive on-site:

    • Equipment arrives on-site at 08:00 and 15 minutes is allowed for unloading and machine preparation.  Equipment departs site at 16:00 and 15 minutes is allowed for equipment transportation readiness and loading. 

    • If you require us to work beyond 16:00 an hourly charge (or part thereof) is payable at 50.00лв per hour.  (Subject to operators working & driving time limits)

    • Digger operator will take a 15 minute AM (at 10.00hrs) break, 30 minute lunch break (at 12:00hrs) and 15 minute PM break (at 14:15hrs) during each days hire.  Operator performance is remotely live monitored via on-board 'Komtrax' telematics and reports all machinery stop/start operations. Break times may vary from site to site.

    • For security and maintenance reasons, except in exceptional circumstances, all machines are returned to our operating base at the end of each day and may not be left on-site overnight or non-working weekends.  This extra transportation is at our own cost and not charged to any multi-day hirer.  Very few exceptions exist.

    Still got questions?  Need some more information?

    See: Frequently Asked Questions


    Our Daily Hire tariff for 2022/3 will increase by just 6.6% from January 1st 2022

    Despite a 30% increase in our operating costs our daily hire tariff will increase by just 6.6%

    By continuing to invest in new, more fuel efficient, machinery and vehicles we have minimised the increase to our daily hire tariff.  New tariff effective from January 1st 2022 

    We do not compete on price.  

    If you've found a 'cheaper' alternative to us, we won't match their price.

    Ask the other operator to match us for service, value and back-up support.

    We are absolutely certain they'll say they can't.

    Do you need a Tipper Truck too?

    We also hire 7.5T tipper vehicles

    • Tipper vehicles can be used to deliver materials and supplies to your works site and remove debris, rubble, waste etc to an authorised waste disposal site.

    • Tipper hire is available from 200.00лв per day (Daily hire charge is + VAT)

    • We do not hire tipper vehicles separately of a Digger + Tipper package.

    All advertised daily hire tariff charges are subject to VAT at the rate prevailing at the time of delivery of service.  Currently VAT is 20%.  All charges + VAT.

    VAT Registration No. BG205539943